Rental Policy

Quotes & Reservations:

All orders that are not secured by the required rental reservation fees are considered a price quote only. Rental equipment is considered reserved in your name, for your event only upon receipt of a signed contract for customers with open account status, or when required reservation fees (25%-50%) depending on items reserved) have been paid by cash customers. Special order items require full prepayment in advance of All Star Tent ordering the items requested.


Reservation Fees:

All Star Tent & Party Rental requires non-refundable reservation fees in order to secure equipment for customers on the dates required. The reservation fees are 25% of the contract rate for each item except for tents, stages and dance floors. Due to limited quantities and high demands, tents, stages, and dance floors require a 50% non-refundable deposit.


Guest Counts:

The sooner you can confirm the number of guests that you will have the better. We ask that you confirm your numbers at least thirty (30) days prior to your event date or delivery date, whichever is earlier. This will ensure that we will have time to make our best efforts to accommodate any increases and so that our inventory can be made available for other customers should you need to cancel anything.


Increases and Last Minute Additions:

We will make every effort possible to accommodate your last minute needs. We will add to your order as long as the inventory is available. Please try to add as far in advance as possible so that items can be pulled with your order and counts double checked to eliminate unnecessary delivery trips or errors. If your order is being delivered, additions within three (3) days of your scheduled delivery date, may require additional trips and therefore additional charges due to loading and routing constraints.


Cancellations & Reductions:

Any cancellations or reductions after the order is placed will result in forfeiture of required reservation fees. All order numbers will be confirmed four (4) days in advance of the order date or delivery date, whichever is earlier. Cancellations after this point are subject to a charge equal to one (1) days rental rate for all equipment cancelled or reduced.


Overdue Equipment:

Equipment that is not returned by the customer or available for pickup by All Star on the agreed upon return date will be charged out at the daily rate of the items for each calendar day past due. After two (2) weeks, any equipment still not returned will be charged off at the replacement cost plus one (1) week of rental rate. Extra trips to pickup or attempt to pickup the equipment will result in additional charges for pickup.


Delivery & Pickup:

All Star does offer a delivery and pickup service for all items that we rent. The minimum charge for delivery or pickup is thirty dollars ($30.00) and is quoted on a per contract basis depending on location, distance, load size and labor required. Standard delivery includes unloading and placing our items on a level surface less than 35 feet from the rear of our truck. If your delivery requires additional measures (long hauls, elevators, stairs, uneven terrain, or other special circumstances) we must be notified in advance so that we can plan and staff your delivery appropriately. The area where we are to deliver should be cleared in advance as we are unable to move customer property. Standby time will be assessed for a delivery area that is not ready upon arrival and will be charged at $35 per man , per hour, with an hour minimum. All equipment shall be taken down and stacked as the delivery crew left it in preparation for pickup unless otherwise arranged. Additional fees will be incurred for items not ready for pickup. If inclement weather is a possibility, please shelter and protect our equipment.


Order Accuracy:

We double check all orders before they leave our warehouse and all deliveries undergo a third check upon unloading at the delivery site. It is the customers responsibility to verify all equipment counts upon delivery and either notify the delivery staff or All Star immediately so that any discrepancies can be remedied immediately. Notification of short counts, missing, or broken items after the event will be the responsibility of the customer.


Setup & Takedown:

Setup and Takedown are available for an additional fee. This fee can be quoted upon reservation of the rental equipment and requires a drawing or a plan for how to setup so we can accurately quote for time and labor required. Once equipment has been setup in the manner as instructed, moving this equipment or re-setting it will be subject to additional fees. Setup or Takedown not arranged for in advance will result in additional fees.


Malfunctioning Equipment:

In the unforeseen occurrence that a piece of equipment should not work appropriately please call our office immediately. We will make every effort to remedy the situation. All items are inspected prior to leaving our warehouse and nothing will be sent out if not in a working manner, but should something happen during transportation we would need to know immediately so that we can take the appropriate action and make note of how the damage may have occurred.



All linens are pressed and ready for your table. Please notify us immediately if you find any flaws with your linens so a solution can be found. Upon return please ensur that all food debris have been shaken out, there is no wax or burn holes on the linen and put them in the linen bag provided when they are 100% dry. Mildew is one of the few things that will ruin a linen. Please ensure your linen is dry before placing them in a bag. Replacement cost will be charged for any missing or damaged linen.


Tables & Chairs

All items are subject to additional wear when exposed to inclement weather. Wood will warp over time if allowed to get wet, please take the necessary precautions to protect these products. Please do not staple, nail, glue, or tack any items into our rental products. Any other decorations must be removed prior to return or pickup.


BBQ’s & Cooking Equipment

All grills must be cleaned and cool to the touch prior to our pickup. All coals from charcoal BBQ’s must be properly disposed of and are the responsibility of the customer. All food and grease must be cleaned off of the grills before return to avoid cleaning charges.



Tented events require additional measures to ensure the safety of all of the involved parties We will be happy to assist in the design and layout of your tented event and to ensure that you will meet any applicable safety codes. A site visit may be necessary to ensure an accurate quote, layout and safe installation. Unless previously agreed upon, the customer is responsible for locating all public and persona; utility lines, irrigation lines, and and other obstacles prior to All Star Tent and Party Rentals’ arrival for tent install. We take great care to keep our tents in the highest quality possible. Please help us in this effort by not attaching any unapproved equipment to our tents. The use of glues and tape will leave harmful residue that can accelerate UV damage. No nails, hooks or pins are allowed on tents.