Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver and pickup?

Yes. 7 days a week. There is a fee depending on distance and sometimes the caliber of the job.

What is the advantage to frame tents over pole tents?

Frame tents do not have any legs in the middle of the tent taking up valuable space. As well as, you do not need to “guide out” a frame tent with ropes leaving you a smaller footprint.

How do I determine the size of tent or layout of my event?

Call us! We will help you determine an accurate size that will not be too big or too small, hopefully saving you money!

What if I don’t see the items I want on the website or price list?

Please call us. Chances are we have just made a purchase or we are thinking about it!

What if I need to cancel my event?

Any cancellations after the order has been placed will result in the forfeiture of required reservation fees.

What condition do the rented items need to be in when returned?

Tables and chairs need to be stacked in a place free from any inclement weather. Linens need to be free of any debris and placed in the provided linen bag. Dishes need to be scraped an placed in the provided crates.

What happens if I lose or break something?

We understand that accidents happen. Onsies and twosies we are not too concerned about. However any more than that will result in a replacement charge per item.

What if we need more chairs during the event than planned?

All Star will do their very best to help with any last minute additions. If another delivery is required that will result in an additional delivery fee.

Can I pick up the items myself?


Do you setup and take down the equipment?

Our policy is: we set all tents and dance floors to ensure proper installation for safety and to keep our equipment looking fabulous! The delivery fee that you are quoted at the time your order is placed includes set up of those items. We do not set tables and chairs however we can for an additional fee.

When do I pay for my order?

There is a 20-50% reservation fee that is due at the time of order and the remaining balance is due one week before your event date.